Eric Darnell Pritchard (English)

Eric Darnell Pritchard

Junior Research Fellow, 2016-2018

"Making Ourselves from Scratch": Literacy and Social Change through Black Queer Activist Organizations
Making Ourselves from Scratch: Literacy and Social Change through Black Queer Activist Organizations, 1974-1989 employs women of color feminisms and queer of color critique, along with literacy and composition theory, to explode historiographies of 1970s and 1980s grassroots activism which have tended to overlook the rhetorical labor of numerous LGBT of color activist organizations who created unique forms of intervention steeped in LGBT of color history, culture, and experiences. Traversing methodologies of archival research, in-depth interviews, and close readings of cultural productions (literature, film, photography, theater), my project creates a theory of black queer rhetorical activism through attention to the role of everyday reading and writing practices in the lives of Black queer activist organizations working for socio-political change, ranging from the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of organizing, to the forms of cultural productions through which these activists made their interventions and articulated their visions.

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