Spring 2024

Craig Koslofsky (History, UIUC), Apr. 26

The Deep Surface: Skin in the Early Modern World, 1450-1750

Invited Participants

  • Christy L Pichichero (History and French, George Mason University) 
  • Erik R. Seeman (History, University of Buffalo) 
  • Lucinda Cole (English, UIUC)
  • Marc Hertzman (History, UIUC)
  • Robert Morrissey (History, UIUC)


Fall 2023

Isak Ladegaard (Sociology, UIUC), Nov. 30

Open Secrecy: How Information Technology Empowers Shadowy Groups

Invited Participants

  • Jeffrey T. Martin (Anthropology, UIUC) 
  • Kathleen Blee (Sociology, University of Pittsburgh) 
  • Yun Huang (iSchool, UIUC)


Hermann von Hesse (Art History, UIUC), Nov. 27

“Love of Stone Houses”: Urban Merchants and Material Culture on Africa’s Gold Coast

Invited Participants

  • John Thornton (History and African American Studies, Boston University)
  • Kate Holliday (Architecture, UIUC)
  • Swati Chattopadhyay (Art History, University of California at Santa Barbara)
  • Teresa Barnes (History, UIUC)


Jose Atiles (Sociology, UIUC), Sept. 20 

Crisis by Design: Law, Emergency Powers and Anticorruption in Puerto Rico

Invited Participants

  • Anna Marshall (Sociology, UIUC)
  • Jessica Greenberg (Anthropology, UIUC)
  • Mónica Jiménez (African and African Diaspora Studies, University of Texas at Austin) 
  • Sebastian Leon (Latino and Caribbean Studies & Criminal Justice, Rutgers)


Pollyanna Rhee (Landscape Architecture, UIUC), Aug.25

Natural Attachments: The Domestication of American Environmentalism, 1920-1970 

Invited Participants

  • Amanda Ciafone (Media and Cinema Studies, UIUC) 
  • Keith Woodhouse, (History, Northwestern University)
  • Marc Doussard (Urban Planning, UIUC)
  • Paige Glotzer (History, University of Wisconsin at Madison)


Spring 2023

Karen Flynn (Gender and Women’s Studies & African-American Studies, UIUC)

Invited Participants

  • Angharad Valdivia (Latina/Latino Studies, UIUC)
  • Babacar M’Baye (English, Kent State University)
  • Ikuko Asaka (History, UIUC)
  • Leslie Reagan (History, UIUC)
  • Nan Kim (History, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)