The Unit’s contributions to the development of critical theory is reflected in the seminal publications produced from conferences and seminars organized by our faculty. These publications shaped the key debates and crucial turns in theoretical inquiry over the last four decades.


Block Reference
Book cover for Arab Brazil: Fictions of Tertiary Orientalism
(February 2024)
Red, Yellow, and Black cover with the text reading "Colonial, Racial, Capitalism." Edited by Susan Koshy, Lisa Marie Cacho, Jodi A. Byrd, and Brian Jordan Jefferson
(October 2022)
PMLA Cover
(October 2022)
NOVEL: "Worlding Realisms"
(August 2016)
Special issue Occasion
(January 2016)
Mad Men, Mad World
(March 2013)
Postcolonial Studies and Beyond (2005)
(January 2005)
Disciplinarity at the Fin de Siecle
(January 2001)
Disciplinarity and Dissent in Cultural Studies
(January 1996)