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Gender, Race and Sexuality

SOC 596/GWS 590
Black woman protester

Professor: Ghassan Moussawi

Meets: Tuesdays 3:30-6:20 pm (English 119)

This graduate seminar explores contemporary sociological and interdisciplinary debates in studies of gender, race, and sexuality, with a particular focus on power. Even though we will go over multiple theories, we will pay particular attention to black feminist thought, intersectionality, transnational feminisms, critical race theory, and queer of color critique. We will consider various questions, including: What is the role of social and sociological theory in understanding gender, race, and sexuality? What diverse methodological approaches/considerations are employed in studies of gender, race, and sexualities? What are the various genealogies of these fields of study? We will read and discuss both theoretical and empirical studies on topics including: political economy of gender and sexuality, migration and transnational mobilities, affect, racial capitalism, racisms, urban inequalities and gentrification, nation and nationalism, masculinities and femininities, and social movements and organizing. We will also think about knowledge production processes, and consider the importance of theories of/from the global south. This course is open to students from all disciplines.