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Xiomara Verenice Cervantes-Gómez​ (Spanish & Portuguese)

Junior Research Fellows, 2019-2021

"A Body Exposed: The Aesthetics of Sex, Death, and Mexicanness"

A Body Exposed: The Aesthetics of Sex, Death, and Mexicanness contends that the representation of violence against sexual minorities is central to the construction and critique of Mexican and Latinx subject formation. By situating aesthetics, ethics, and politics in close proximity, A Body Exposed suggests that Mexican and U.S. Latinx writers who foreground sexuality through experimental genres, such as Octavio Paz, Luis Zapata, Cristina Rivera Garza, Gloria Anzaldúa, and contemporary performance artists Lechedevirgen Trimegisto, Bruno Ramri, Yanina Orellana, and Yosimar Reyes, participate in the affective bond that links sexual practice with the politics of modernity, while creating new paradigms to read subjectivity through, from, and against Mexico’s notoriously intimate relationship with death.

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