Joe Bowie

Headshot of Joe Bowie

Joe (he/they) is a second-year Dance MFA candidate whose current and ongoing creative research investigates and foregrounds softness, tenderness, and gentleness among Black, queer moving bodies in dance spaces. He leads with giggles, whispers, shushing, and shared secrets. He prioritizes improvisation to generate movement that breathes, swoons, sways, wafts, frolics, and effortlessly interweaves to explore the potentiality of a porous container for Blackness and queerness that considers the traces, resonances, vibrations, and textures found in quietude; those traces, resonances, and vibrations we leave in spaces we inhabit, even for a short time; the presence of our absences and their cumulative and collaborative potencies, and how they might be contained, housed, and archived simultaneously as embodiedĀ  and spatiotemporal knowledge.

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