Spring 2002 Events

Postcolonial Studies (Spring 2002 )

Each session of this year's criticism seminar will focus on a different disciplinary or cross-disciplinary filed of study and will consider how it has been affected by and has contributed to postcolonial studies. Each session has been organized by two or more leaders, who have chosen the readings and will introduce them. The year's work will culminate in a conference on "Postcolonial Studies and Beyond," which will take place April 25-28, 2002.

The next Criticism Seminar will be held at 8pm on Monday, April 15, in the IPRH Building at 805 West Pennsylvania Avenue.

Spring 2002 Schedule (Tentative)

Feb. 11

Area Studies (Emphasis on Latin America) (Andrew Orta and Eva-Lynn Jagoe)

Mar. 11

African Studies and Postcolonial Studies (Third World/Metropolitan Studies) (Ania Loomba and Kwaku Korang)

Apr. 15

U.S. Minority Cultural Studies and Its Relation to Postcolonial Studies (Alejandro Lugo and Bob Parker)

April 25-28

Conference: "Postcolonial Studies and Beyond"

(Last Semester's Schedule)

Sept. 17

History (David Prochaska and Tony Ballantyne)


Rosalind O'Hanlon, "Recovering the Subject: Subaltern Studies and Histories of Resistance in Colonial South Asia"

Tony Ballantyne, "Introduction: Aryanism and the Webs of Empire"

David Prochaska, "History as Literature, Literature as History: Cayagous of Algiers"

Oct. 1

Anthropology (Bill Kelleher and Martin Manalansan)


Marshall Sahlins, Islands of History, ch. 4

Sahlins, How "Natives" Think, Introduction

Ganath Obeyesekere, The Apotheosis of Captain Cook(selections)

Clifford Geertz, Available Light (selections)

Oct. 15

National/Post-National Literatures (Jean-Phillipe Mathy and Elena Delgado)


Etienne Balibar, "Ambiguous Universality"

Walter D. Mignolo, Local Histories/Local Designs: Subaltern Knowledges and Border Thinking (selections)

Oct. 29

Diaspora (Caribbean Focus) (Adlai Murdoch and Dara Goldman)


Stuart Hall, "Cultural Identity and Diaspora"

Edouard Glissant, "Caribbean Discourse"

J. Michael Dash, "The Other America"

Luis Rafael Sanchez, "La guagua aerea/The Air Bus"

Jose Quiroga, "Latino Dolls"

Nov. 12

Gender and Sexuality/Women's Studies (Antoinette Burton and Simona Sawhney)


Chandra Mohanty, "'Under Western Eyes': Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses"

Anne McClintock, "'No Longer a Future Heaven': Gender, Race, and Nationalism"

Anal Amireh, "Framing Nawal El Saadawi: Arab Feminism in a Transnational World"

Nov. 26

Globalization: Sociology and Political Economy (Zsuzsa Gille and William Munro)


Michael Buraway, et al., Global Ethnographies, Introduction and Conclusion