AIS 495 (pending 501): Indigenous Critical Theory; D. Anthony Tyeeme Clark . 

CINE 504/ENGL 504/CWL 504: Theories of Cinema; Lilya Kaganovsky.

COMM 580:  Seminar on Advanced Interpretive Methods (Social Interaction); Norman Denzin. 

COMM 590: Foucault--Theory and Analysis; James Hay.

ENGL 553M: American Indian Literature; Robert Dale Parker. 

ENGL 581R: Contested Pasts, Alternative Futures: Literature, Science and Ecology; Robert Markley.

FR 541: Espaces littéraires:  French Spatial Theory and 20th-century Fiction; Andrea Goulet.

German 570:  Modern Critical Theory: An Advanced Introduction;
Laurie Johnson 

HIST 502C: Global History; David Prochaska.

ITAL 490: Italy, Modernity & Theory; Emanuel Rota.

PHIL 412: Classical Modern Philosophers: Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit; William Schroeder. 

PHIL 423: Philosophy of Art; Beatrix Himmelmann.

PHIL 444: Topics in Recent European Philosophy: Neitzche, Heidegger, Philosophical Antrhopology; Beatrix Himmelmann.

RLST 494: Indigenous Ecologies; James Treat. 

SLAV 576: Methods and Approaches in Slavic Graduate Study; Harriet Murav.