ANTH 488: Modern Europe; Matti Bunzl.

CINE 504/ENGL 504/CWL 504: Theories of Cinema; M. Flinn.

ENGL 500: Introduction to Research and Critical Techniques; Bob Parker. 

EPS 575: Cultural Studies and Critical Interpretations; Cameron McCarthy.

EPSY 577: Foundations of Qualitative Methods; Thomas A. Schwandt.

ITAL 490: Italy, Modernity & Theory; Emanuel Rota.

LAW 657: International Human Rights Law; Francis Boyle.

MDIA 590/GWS 590: Cultures of Discipline; C. Cole. 

MDIA 590, Sec. V: Media/Space; James Hay. 

PHIL 412: Classical Modern Philosophers: Nietzsche; Richard Schacht. 

PHIL 443: Phenomenology; William Schroeder. 

PHIL 501: Seminar on History of Philosophy: Heidegger; Richard Schacht. 

RLST 494: Indigenous Ecologies; James Treat.